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TDK-Lambda Power Supply Glossary on your Mobile

Posted : 31 May 2012

TDK Corporation announces that the TDK-Lambda UK Power Supply Glossary is now available via a downloadable App on your iPhone or Android mobile.

Whether a student, engineer or hobbyist, the TDK-Lambda Power Supply Glossary App provides quick and easy mobile access to a glossary of information applicable to power supply technologies.

“A useful tool whether at college, university or in business, the TDK-Lambda Power Supply Glossary is a growing library of power supply terms and provides a useful selection of relevant calculators,” comments Martin Southam, Director of Marketing at TDK-Lambda EMEA.

The iPhone App is available from iTunes directly at TDK-Lambda Power Supply Glossary, alternatively search in iTunes for ‘PSU Glossary’, and the Android App is available to download at: http://goo.gl/3eNpl