Glossary of Terms

We've included this handy glossary to help with the terminology & abbreviations relating to power products. Pick a letter below to begin, or download the glossary to refer to it whenever you like.

[ A ] From 'A' To 'AWG'
[ B ] From 'Back Electromotive Force (Back EMF)' To 'Bus Converter '
[ C ] From 'C' To 'Curve B (or Class B)'
[ D ] From 'dB' To 'Dynamic Load'
[ E ] From 'Earth' To 'External Fusing'
[ F ] From 'F' To 'Fusible Link'
[ G ] From 'Galvanic' To 'Grounded'
[ H ] From 'H' To 'Hz'
[ I ] From 'I ' To 'Isolation Voltage'
[ J ] From 'J ' To 'Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET)'
[ K ] From 'K' To 'kWh'
[ L ] From 'L ' To 'LVD'
[ M ] From 'Magnetic Amplifier (Mag Amp)' To 'Multi-Resonant Topology (MRT)'
[ N ] From 'Nano ' To 'NTC'
[ O ] From 'OCV' To 'OVP'
[ P ] From 'P' To 'PWM '
[ Q ] From 'Quarter Brick ' To 'Quarter Brick '
[ R ] From 'R' To 'RS485'
[ S ] From 'S' To 'System International d’Unites (SI)'
[ T ] From 't' To 'TUV '
[ U ] From 'U' To 'USB'
[ V ] From 'V' To 'Vss'
[ W ] From 'W' To 'Working Voltage'
[ X-Z ] From 'X ' To 'Zetta '
[ # ] From '°C ' To '°F '

Term of the day : 'Ambient Temperature'

The average temperature of the environment immediately surrounding the power supply (PSU). For forced air-cooled units, the ambient temperature is measured at the air intake. See also Operating Temperature Range, Storage Temperature, Temperature Coefficient.

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