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Choose from all our Programmable (Laboratory) power supplies listed below to get more information about each range. You can narrow your search by using our Quick Product Finder. Alternatively you can use the filtering options above. Our Z+ and Genesys™ Programmable power supplies are available as standard models ranging from 200W to 15kW and provide solutions over 60kW.

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Product Name Product Type Power Range (W) Construction Outputs
EVA Programmable 2.4 kW power supply 2400 2400 Chassis mount 1 o/p
Genesys™ 1U 750W, 1.5kW & 2.4kW Rack Mount power supply 600 2400 Rack mount 1 o/p
Genesys™ 1U Half rack 750W 1U Half Rack Mount power supply 600 780 Rack mount 1 o/p
Genesys™ 2U 3.3kW and 5kW Rack Mount power supply 3200 5200 Rack mount 1 o/p
Genesys™ 3U 10kW and 15kW Rack Mount power supply 7500 15000 Rack mount 1 o/p
Z+ 2U 200W, 400W, 600W and 800W Bench or Rack Mount Power Supply 200 800 Rack/bench mount 1 o/p
ZUP Programmable Rack Bench Mount power supply 200 860 Rack/bench mount 1 o/p

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